When finances prove to be challenging, you can count on Westar Federal Credit Union to be of service to our members. Westar Federal Credit Union offers its members a Skip-A-Payment loan option.

Members can skip a loan payment on Personal Loans, Automobile Loans, Boat Loans, and RV Loans once every 6 months during the life of your loan. There is a $20.00 fee is per loan, per occurrence.

Using the Skip-A-Payment feature on your loan does not change your monthly payment, but it does extend the term of your loan by one (1) month. Interest continues to accrue on the balance of the loan from the last payment.

It is simple to apply. Simply complete and mail, fax, or bring in this form to Westar Federal Credit Union at least 5 days prior to your payment date.

Some restrictions apply. Members must have six (6) months continuous payments and be in good standing on all accounts to qualify.

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